Historia Firmy

The Istrian tradition of quarrying, fabrication and installation of architectural and building stones has been a history lasting for few millenniums. In the year 1954, always relying on the same tradition, experience and skills acquired so far, the company “Kamen” from Pazin (Istria) was founded.

During the first ten years of its business activity, “KAMEN” managed to unify all the stone production capacities being then in existence in Istria. Additionally, thanks to the new technologies, modern equipment, new methods of fabrication and constant restructuring lasting till nowadays, we have succeeded to increase the same production and our product range.

It has been almost half the century of our business activity, during which we continuously extend the business relations over the national and international market. Nowadays, Company “Kamen” Ltd. Pazin maintains business relations spreading over the Republic of Croatia as well as over many European and overseas countries.

“Kamen” exports raw materials, semi products and final stone products to the customers from Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Bohemia, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Belgium, Luxemburg, Russia, China, Taiwan, USA, Romania and from other countries.

Keeping a close eye on the market tendencies we import granite, marble and travertine stone from Brazil, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and China in order to enrich and complete our limestone product range.